This is my 3 year old son. He isn’t shy in front of the camera at all.
Had a day off work today and decided to pull my camera out and snap some pictures of my little munchkin. His smile definitely makes a rainy day just that much better! I love my little man!




Woke up and found myself a gratis package shipped from Bobbi Brown this morning. Got some goodies in my mail.

1. 4 Pan Customize Palette (Not shown in picture)
2. Long-Wear Gel Liner – Chocolate Shimmer Ink
3. Long-Wear Gel Liner – Black Mauve Shimmer Ink
4. Long-Wear Gel Liner – Ivy Shimmer Ink
5. Metallic Eye Shadow – Cognac 13
6. Illuminating Bronzing Powder – Bali Brown


Went for a christmas staff party right after work with all of my Bobbi girls and got some more goodies as a christmas present. I can’t complain! Gotta love Bobbi Brown!


Limited Edition Bobbi’s Gift Ideas Holiday Sets

1. 24 Karat Shimmer Brick Compact
2. Caviar And Oyster Collection Mini Brush Set
3. Bellini Lip And Eye Palette



I have been in the make up industry for more than 10 years. I must say, I LOVE Bobbi’s products. From her colors to skin care. There isn’t an item I do not love.

Reason? It does what it says! I even personally tried to prove Bobbi wrong, but instead, she proved me wrong.

It was a bit of a challenge trying to come up with my favorite items, but I did hand pick the MUST HAVES from Bobbi Brown.

Front Row (Left to Right)

1. Corrector & Concealer Kit w/ powder – Corrector is the first step, it is a color correction for your under eye that is applied before your concealer. It helps to brighten, cover and hide your dark circles, but it doesn’t match with your skin tone. Therefore, applying the concealer will be your next step. The concealer will even out your skin tone and matches the rest of your face. Last, set your under eye with powder.

I personally think Bobbi is a genius for creating the corrector and concealer kit. Although it is a two step process but it really does what it says. Us women spends most of our times putting our make up on on a daily bases. What’s more than spending another 3 secs of our time to use the corrector and concealer?

2. Long Wear Cream Shadow – Completely waterproof. Smudge proof. Crease proof. Helps to control oily lids without clogging up your pores.

I absolutely love love love this product. It comes in matte, shimmer and metallics. I love using any of the skin toned matte cream shadows on all of my clients as a base before applying any of our powder eye shadows. It lasts throughout the day and much longer wear. Most of you know, I am a mother, I goto school, I work full time AND I also train Muay Thai. I kid you not, my eyeshadow lasts me from 6am to 10pm. I even went to the sauna with it on, had the shower head on my face once, IT DOES NOT COME OFF! But of course, it will come off only with eye make up remover.

3. Long Wear Gel Liners – Natural looking gel based water resistant eye liner. It is easy to apply, it glides and goes on smoothly. You have 60 secs to play around with it before it sets, and once it sets, It does not crease, smear or come off.

I use this gel liner for my water line to make my eyes pop and look bigger. It is easy to use and it comes in many different colors for you to choose from. For more of a dramatic look, I double line my gel liner by applying a shimmer gel liner on top of my matte one.

Back Row (Left To Right)

1. Soothing Cleansing Oil – New formula with Jasmine Flower added, this ingredient helps to soothe redness. Kiki Nut Oil, which is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier to prevent dehydrations. Ginger Root Extract helps to calm skin. Sunflower, Olive, Jojoba Oils work to break down makeup and remove impurities.

This product is great for after a long day. I use this in the shower, one to two pumps, on dry skin massaging through my face helps to break down all of my Long-Wear eye makeup as well as cleansing my skin. Leaving my skin feeling super moisturized and cleansed.

2. Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 (New) – This foundation is completely Oil-Free, it is great for normal to oily skins. It stays fresh-looking all day long, has 12 hours wear guaranteed. Controls shine and oil without clogging up pores. Glycerin and Shea butter keep skin feeling hydrated. Minimizes the appearance of pores.

I normally never wear foundation because I hate having too much on my face. But I gotta say I am in love with this foundation. It’s extremely light weight, feels like skin, yet it gives me a full coverage. I love the fact that it’s Oil-Free but it’s got Shea Butter in it for hydration.

3. Hydrating Eye Cream – Hydrates, locks in moisture and soften skin. It has Aloe Vera in it to help calm and soothes redness and puffiness. Build in primer. Great for all skin types.

Not only an eye cream that hydrates, but it is also a primer! How awesome is that? The build in primer helps me save that extra step and MONEY! It’s great for before my application for my under eye corrector and concealer.

4. Shimmer Brick Compact – Great for a highlighter for face, use as a cheek glow right on your cheek bone or as a pop blush. Can also use them individually as an eyeshadow as well.

I layer my shimmer bricks with any of my blushes. It give me a sun-kissed healthy glow without looking like a disco ball.

5. Creamy Matte Lip Color (New) – It has 8 hrs wear. Non-drying. Full coverage. Creamy and moisturizing with a classy matte look.

Love the fact that it stains my lips a little after my first application. It doesn’t dry out and leave my lips feeling conditioned and moisturized.

6. Pot Rouge – You can use this for lips and cheeks. Silky texture without feeling oily. Great for people that are on-the-go.

I like to use this as a base on my cheeks before applying my powder blush on. I use a natural tone, Rose first before applying my pop color powder blush in Pale Pink and then finish off with my shimmer brick in Rose as a cheek glow to give me a nice and natural healthy look.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Now, book your appointment today with me at the Bobbi Brown counter at Holt Renfrew for a complete Bobbi Brown look! Email me for inquiries! 🙂