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I love photography and I love babies so when I am able to put the two together, magic just naturally happens.


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I was fortunate enough to be able to work with famous Hong Kong actress, Deborah Moore and celebrity chef, Christian Yang in the last two days. Debbie was an amazing and wonderful woman inside and out, and Christian was hilarious! It was a pleasure being able to work with them, and I am so happy to have this opportunity!




Stay Tuned!


The newborn photoshoot went extremely well for Denise & Adrian yesterday. It was a bit tough to get their big golden retriever, Bella, to pose, but I still managed to get some really great shots! I’m so proud of myself as this is my first time with a big dog! Hehe…

Heading off to Vegas now for a stagette. Pictures will be up shortly! Here’s yesterday’s sneak peek…

What a day!

Started off with having my car towed in the morning and all my brushes were in my truck. But thankfully, there were brushes for me to borrow.

Did makeup for the contestants from Sunshine Nation Fairchild TV, and off to face painting for a kid’s birthday.

Ain’t a bad job for the first time face painting.



A pop of color


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Prom Season is here!


I did these beautiful sisters, Natasha & Sienna’s graduation the other day, and I made a huge mistake by forgetting all my gel liners at home.

What did I do?





I remained calm and ended up using my mascaras as gel liners. Was kind of freaking out a little bit when Natasha requested for a smokey eye, =S but it all worked out in the end! Makeup stayed on for the whole night, both sisters were happy — mission accomplished!