When you’re bored…

You play when you’re bored, and that’s how you let your creativity run wild. Loving my brand new hairdo from Loreal Colorista! Encouraging those like me who like changes yet afraid to have permanent colors. It washes off between 6 to 8 washes. I used the color teal and I later on added indigo. LOVE! 😍

Makeup and hair trial

Did a consultation today for this beauty for her backyard wedding in September. Can’t wait for her big day, it will look absolutely stunning as her mansion looks like a beautiful romantic palace!




Now, I just have to wait and make sure I will have my camera with me next time!

Vicky & Jeff 09.13.14

IMG_6038.JPGI can’t explain how happy I am for the newly weds, Vicky & Jeff! I have known Vicky since 2003, but shortly after I met her, I moved to Vancouver. But that didn’t stop us from building and maintaining our friendship.

Vicky, words cannot explain how excited and happy I am for you to finally tying the knot with Jeff. I have always admired your ability of knowing what you want in your life. I remember you saying to me, “Love yourself and the right one will always come along.” I am glad that your right one came along and I am very happy that he is also ‘one in a million’ for you.IMG_6039.JPG

I love you with all of my heart and I miss you already! I am sure you will come to Vancouver and visit soon, since you know how much I do not like Calgary (no offense). Hehe…

Congratulations, Vicky & Jeff. I wish you and your family all the best and may joy fill your life up for always.

Enjoy the work I did on all these lovely ladies!




Calgary, Alberta!

Came out to Calgary for my girlfriend’s wedding. Wasn’t a bad 12 hrs drive, at least there wasn’t snow driving on the way here.

Did a Makeup Le

sson yesterday on Jen with 3 different looks – Day to Night, and Fun Smokey Eye. Thank you for being such an amazing student!

I forgot to bring my face charts and left them in Vancouver :(, please forgive my awesome drawings.


Giorgio Armani 2014 Fall Makeup

I am so glad that I got to help out Armani today. I had so much fun playing around with all their makeup and have learned so much.

Giorgio Armani believes in flawless skin with a pop of color. Instead of doing a bright eye, I decided to go with this Dark Plum Lip Color that is in their new Fall Collection. Softer eyes, but the lips totally made the look different.




YSL Fall Collection


This new YSL Fusion Ink Foundation feels and look amazing! This ultra thin luminous matte finish foundation’s got 24 hrs wear, extremely light weight, ‘feels like a feather’, buildable coverage from sheer to full. Never felt anything like it! It absorbs right into your skin and it’s got hyaluronic acid that provides ultra-long lasting hydration.


Comes in 21 different shades for you to play with!



Fall 2014 Leather Fetish Collection


Limited Edition Couture Palette Collector
Grained Leather Results nail polish in 2 shades
Matte Lip Colors in 2 shades
Baby Doll eyeliner in 2 shades






Welcome, Sierra Madison Ocampo!

I love photography and I love babies so when I am able to put the two together, magic just naturally happens.


Take a look at their online gallery created by me.
Click Here


I was fortunate enough to be able to work with famous Hong Kong actress, Deborah Moore and celebrity chef, Christian Yang in the last two days. Debbie was an amazing and wonderful woman inside and out, and Christian was hilarious! It was a pleasure being able to work with them, and I am so happy to have this opportunity!