Absolutely obsessed, and in love with Bobbi’s brand new Long-Wear Waterproof Liner! This bad boy DOES NOT come off until the moment you use an oil based eye makeup remover.

After personally testing the liner out, it takes about 30 secs to set and once it’s on you, it will not budge. 


Comes in 8 different colors

If you produce oily lids throughout the day, it is recommended to use a primer on your lid. Otherwise, no matter how waterproof a product is, it will still come off/smudge/smear.

My favorite product? Use Bobbi’s Long Wear Cream Shadows, it also comes in a stick version for personal preference. This product is like a band-aid, 12 hrs wear, waterproof, breathable, and it also helps to control oily lids throughout the day.

What a day!

Started off with having my car towed in the morning and all my brushes were in my truck. But thankfully, there were brushes for me to borrow.

Did makeup for the contestants from Sunshine Nation Fairchild TV, and off to face painting for a kid’s birthday.

Ain’t a bad job for the first time face painting.



A pop of color


Sometimes, a smokey eye doesn’t always have to be black! Change up your look with a pop of color to enhance your eyes! Want to learn how to create this look? Book your makeup lesson with me today!

For pricing please take a look at my website

Prom Season is here!

I did these beautiful sisters, Natasha & Sienna’s graduation the other day, and I made a huge mistake by forgetting all my gel liners at home.

What did I do? I remained calm and ended up using my mascaras as gel liners. Was kind of freaking out a little bit when Natasha requested for a smokey eye, =S but it all worked out in the end! Makeup stayed on for the whole night, both sisters were happy — mission accomplished!



I have the best clients and coworkers!

My two years with Bobbi has finally came to an end! I am sad but very excited at the same time. I may be leaving Holt Renfrew but I will always be a Bobbi girl at heart and I will never leave Bobbi Brown. I would like to thank everyone that I have worked with; my coworkers — you girls were the reason why I was happy all the time! My clients — you guys were all an inspiration to me, and the reason why I kept my drive! I will miss everyone dearly!


“The Secret To Stand Out Eyes” Bobbi Brown, Aug 2014

Bobbi’s new Perfectly Defined Collection is finally out! With 6 news shades — this 12 hrs wear, sweat, humidity resistant gel liner pencil stays true to color all day long!

Want to know The Secret To Stand Out Eyes? Come by the Bobbi Brown counter in Holt Renfrew Vancouver and learn how to be your own makeup artist from a Classic Eyes to a Smokey Eyes Makeup Lesson.




Merry Christmas!

It has almost been two years since I have been with Bobbi Brown, and I am far more than happy and grateful to be apart of one of the most successful worldly known makeup line. I believe in everything that Bobbi says and does, partly because she truly believes in each one of us, but mostly because Bobbi really does what she says. What I mean by she believes in us is that; she pays attention to each one of us with an open mind and create an amazing and extraordinary makeup brand that is suitable for all women with different ages, lifestyles, needs, skin types, and colors. Most importantly, her foundations feels like skin, extremely lightweight and it lasts ALL DAY LONG!

Here’s my Xmas holiday look:


To create this look:


Foundation: Beauty Balm SPF 35 (BB Cream) in “Med-Dark”
Corrector & Concealer: Tinted Eye Brightener in “Peach”
Bronzer: Face & Body Bronzing Duo Limited Edition
Blush: Sheer Color Cheek Tint in “Sunlit Nude” Limited Edition & Brightening Brick in “Pink”
Lips: Creamy Matte Lip Color in “Scarlet”
Brows: Eyeshadow in “Mahogany
Eyes: All over “Ivory
Lower Lid “Slate” Cream Shadow
& Sparkle Eye Shadow in “Mica

Crease “Shell

Liner: Gel liner in “Black Mauve Shimmer Ink” & “Caviar Ink”
Mascara: Smokey Eye Mascara

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas everyone!