Loyalist Martial Arts Academy


I am going to name this series “Passion of an Athlete”. This gym isn’t just a gym, this gym is my school, my partner’s school, my son’s school and soon to be my daughter’s school. We are extremely thankful that we found Loyalist Martial Arts Academy. We moved across the country from Vancouver, BC to Trenton, ON around a year ago and it was not easy. It was a very stressful time during the relocation and there was a lot of tension going on at the same time. Muay Thai has always been my passion and it is actually where I met my partner. So it makes sense that my whole family goes there. It didn’t take long for me to decide on which gym to go to. I was drawn in by their website and how involved they are with families. We all need that in our community. My son was very shy in the beginning, but they did everything they could to make him feel at easeq1. They don’t just teach you how to fight, they teach you how to fight through life and win.